Welcome to Nautik4ever!
This website is the result of 15 years of shipspotting around the globe. It serves as both an online database detailing an increasing portion of the world's merchant fleet as well as a platform for me to showcase my ever growing collection of maritime photos.

First off, this website is still a work in progress. The design was settled upon after extensive trial and error and will probably change here and there in the years to come. Several sections are not completed yet and will be added gradually, other parts may be customized further in the future.

Now then, wether you're working on board and want to find out more information about a specific ship or have never even come into contact with the maritime world - feel free to browse the archives and share in some of the amazing views I've seen.

And finally, please note that this is not a commercial website - the photos you see here are not for sale.
Have fun browsing and hope to see you at the waterfront someday!
Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller arriving in Hamburg on the 28.08.2018
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