People will tell you good photos come from good cameras. Others maintain that the photographer himself makes the difference. I say - why not both? Constantly changing weather conditions, split-second decisions and difficult scenery composition assicoated with serious shipspotting demand and deserve the very best on the market.

While the image quality in entry-level and midrange DSLR cameras has improved significantly over the years, you will have to see the difference to the professional models for yourself to realize just how far you can go with the right equipment.

Throughout the years I have invested more than time and effort into creating my maritime photo archive and - by extension - this website. Since April 2016 the setup has evolved to two Cannon EOS 5DsR coupled with 24-70 mm and 100-400 mm lenses. This combination has proven to produce the highest quality images in any situation while maintaining the best flexibility when it comes to capturing moving targets in a limited timeframe.

Currently, my arsenal consists of:

Cameras 2x Canon EOS 5DsR
Lenses Canon EF 24-70mm 1:2.8L II USM
Canon EF 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS II USM
Extras SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards

Thanks for your interest in the site, hope you enjoy it!

Yours truly,

Michael Schindler